Classical Education & a Biblical Worldview

Lesson One: God is the Creator of all things. We see his attributes all around us...including that algebraic formula and science text! Our enthusiastic instructors not only seek to help students understand concepts, but they strive to make evident the beauty and majesty of our Creator in each lesson.


We also believe (in true homeschooling form) that education is so much more than a textbook and classroom (or kitchen table). That is why in addition to textbook learning and socratic discussions we seek to give students to opportunities to create and furthur explore their subject. Many of our classes provide field trips and other opportunities for young people to broaden their understanding, put what they learn into practice and proclaim the glory of God in his creation!


Service Learning

Lesson Two: God created you for His glory. We glorify God in our obediance to His word. We encourage our students to be good stewards of the gifts that God has given them and we encourage them to love their neighbors. That is why each semester, Soli Deo Gloria School conducts a school-wide service project to assist a local ministry organization (Fall semester) and an international ministry organization (Spring semester). Participation in service learning gives students exposure to God's work in their community and around the world. It is also a tangible way that they can share the love of Christ with others.

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