High School Academic Courses

Tuition is $150 per class, per semester. Textbooks not included.


Composition: Speech & Debate

Good writing makes great speeches! This course is the springboard to effective communication, teaching students to excel not only in competitive speech, but in their everyday lives. Throughout the course students will discover the importance of honing a message, how to incorporate the elements of storytelling, and how to evaluate how their message is being received, all in an effort to increase their effectiveness as communicators. Students will be prepared to compete in the NCFCA competitions in the Spring (optional), or use this course towards a 4-H Communication Project and 4-H competitions.

TEXTBOOK: NCFCA Competitor Handbook

Composition: Novel Writing: One Year Adventure Novel

Through 78 video/streaming lessons, The One Year Adventure Novel high school English curriculum guides 9th–12th graders step by step in creating an original, fully-structured, compelling adventure novel—in one school year. Students will meet weekly primarily to share stories, for accountability and for an overview of that week's lesson.  Additional $70 fee for Cloud access (basically your textbook)

Composition: Poetry Writing

“I dwell in Possibility—A fairer House than Prose—”While we think of poetry as the best words in the best order, we sometimes forget how important its poetic or metaphoric thinking is to various subjects such as writing, speaking, business, and science. Students will study various poems and learn about rhythm, structure, comprehension and create their own poetry.

TEXTBOOK: The Art of Poetry

Composition: Teaching Writing Structure & Style

Institute for Excellence in Writing's staple writing program, TWSS beginning with the basics—rewriting a paragraph—and continuing all the way into advanced creative and essay writing, students will learn to express themselves clearly and persuasively as well as practice public speaking skills as they present weekly essays. Class assignments are scaled for beginning writers to more experienced students. Students will also have opportunities to make presentations throughout the year.

TEXTBOOK: World History-Based Writing



Biology- Apologia

This course is designed to be the student’s first high school science course & is a college-prep biology course heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, the five-kingdom classification scheme, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, dissection, and ecosystems. It also provides a complete survey of the five kingdoms in Creation. Students will complete reading at homes and come to class prepared for labs (including dissections), discussion and review. In addition to classroom labs, students will participate in an organ dissection field trip to the Health Museum of Houston during the Spring semester.  Note: This course requires an additional $25 specimen fee.

TEXTBOOK: Biology 2nd Ed.

Chemistry- Apologia

Topics include significant figures, units, classification, the mole concept, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, solutions, atomic structure, Lewis structures, molecular geometry, gas laws, and equilibrium.

This revised edition offers more in-depth discussions and explanations of concepts, as well as biographical sketches of Christian scientists who’ve made a difference in the field while giving the glory to God. Experiments include measuring specific heat, discovering the electrical conductivity of compounds dissolved in water, measuring the width of a molecule, exploring freezing-point depression, using the ideal gas equation, recognizing the effects of catalysts, and much more. Note: Students should be proficient in Algebra and have completed Biology before taking this course.  This course may require an additional lab fee.

TEXTBOOK: Chemistry 3rd Ed.


It provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general physics, heavily emphasizing vector analysis; this text is ideal preparation for a university-level physics course. It provides the student with a strong background in one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws and their application, gravity, work and energy, momentum, periodic motion, waves, optics, electrostatics, electrodynamics, electrical circuits, and magnetism. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Physics Day at the Downtown Aquarium! Note: Students should be proficient in Algebra, Geometry before taking this course.  This course may require an additional lab fee.

TEXTBOOK: Physics 2nd Ed.




Christian Worldview and Apologetics

Students will discuss the ideas and forces that shape our modern times. Students will define and discuss the effects of Post-Modernism, Islam, Hinduism, New Age Religions and its comparison to Christianity. Using Socratic discussion and mock debates, students will deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and learn how to defend it.

TEXTBOOKS: (Ebooks also acceptable)

All books from the Crossway series “Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition"


1. Christian Worldview - Ryken

2. Political Thought - Baker

3. The Liberal Arts - Fant



4. Biblical and Theological Studies - Wilkins and Thoennes

5. Ethics and Moral Reasoning - Mitchell

6. Art and Music - Munson, Drake


We will also be covering economics in the Spring.


US Government/ Teen Pact (Fall Semester Only)

Students will learn about US Government and politics as they prepare for the TEEN PACT Leadership Workshop in February. Class time is devoted to completing and discussing homework assignments for the TEEN Pact Leadership School. Students will be prepared to participate in the One-Day Political Communications Workshop at the State Capitol in Austin. Students also have the opportunity to attend the 4-Day Class prior to the workshops. For more information on Teen Pact visit their website at www.TeenPact.com. Students are not required to attend Teen Pact, but it is highly encouraged.

Algebra Tutoring $80/month

Students will use Saxon Algebra in a small group setting with a low student teacher ratio. 

TEXTBOOK: Saxon Algebra 1

Cultural Geography

Students will study one continent a month and work on drawing maps and identifying important locations. There will also be discussion on history and the current religious and political climates in each area. Students will also learn about cultures and the work God is doing as they Skype with missionaries and church planters from around the world!

TEXTBOOK: BJU Cultural Geography 4th Ed. Text or ebook edition.



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