Middle School Academics

Our Middle School Academic Program encourages students to see God in all creation. Whether in the logic of math, the creativity of writing or the order of science, God's design is all around us!  Classes are $150 per semester. Classes held on Tuesdays.

Composition: Teaching Writing Structure & Style

Beginning with the basics—rewriting a paragraph—and continuing all the way into advanced creative and essay writing, students will learn to express themselves clearly and persuasively as well as practice public speaking skills as they present weekly essays.

TEXTBOOK: IEW World History-Based Writing Lesson (Student Book)


Composition: Speech & Debate

Good writing makes great speeches! This course is the springboard to effective communication, teaching students to excel not only in competitive speech, but in their everyday lives. Throughout the course students will discover the importance of honing a message, how to incorporate the elements of storytelling, and how to evaluate how their message is being received, all in an effort to increase their effectiveness as communicators. Students will be prepared to compete in the NCFCA competitions in the Spring (optional), or use this course towards a 4-H Communication Project and 4-H competitions.

TEXTBOOK: NCFCA Competitor Handbook

Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science Lab

Students complete reading at home and come to class prepared for discussion and lab experiments. In this science overview, students learn about the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology, biology, and human anatomy and physiology.

TEXTBOOK: General Science 2nd ed.


Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science Lab
Recommended that student completed 7th grade math

This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes before high school biology.  It is recommended as an 8th grade course, but students can use it for their 9th grade course work. The text discusses such topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity, and astrophysics. Students read their text at home and attend class for experiments, discussion  and review.

TEXTBOOK: Physical Science 2nd ed.

US Government/ Teen Pact

Students will learn about US Government and politics as they prepare for the TEEN PACT Leadership Workshop in February. Students may participate in the One-Day Workshop (ages 8-12) & Political Communications Workshop (ages 13-17) at the State Capitol in Austin. Students age 13+ also have the opportunity to attend the 4-Day Class prior to the workshops. Learn more about Teen Pact HERE.



Composition: One Year Adventure Novel

The One Year Adventure Novel guides students grades 8–12 through the process of writing a structured, compelling adventure novel over the course of one school year. It is 1 high school English or Creative Writing credit. The curriculum’s unique approach to writing begins where many writing courses don’t go at all, with an exploration of Story.

Students will share story progress each week in class and get critiques from their instructor.

Additional $70 fee for cloud access & student set (these items are your curriculum/textbook). This set will be purchased from the co-op.

Learn More HERE.

PreAlgebra Math Tutoring ($80/month)

Students will use Saxon's Algebra 1/2 to cover the concepts of PreAlgebra.

TEXTBOOK: Saxon Algebra 1/2


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